The book will be released when it receives funding. 
Fundraising on the crowdfunding platform is coming soon, 
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The principal idea behind the e-book is to show high-school and college students the links between math and everyday life. How one can apply the acquired knowledge in math when ravelling out a detective plot. How one can assume the role of the main characters and imperceptibly turn math into an instrument that would help achieve perfection.
Thousands of good math problem books and dozens of thousands of intriguing detective stories have been written globally. I offer a book where the two aspects work together to create an interactive plot, a synthesis of science and art – Silconium. The Case of a Fluttering Butterfly.

The key objective of the e-book is to tear people away from first-person shooters by turning math into a game, to create more suspense with every chapter so that students would be eagerly looking forward to their math lessons in order to learn solving problems found in the book. The story is supplemented with parallel plot lines tackling such topics as animal cruelty and excessive use of resources. These are designed to affect readers in such a way that would, after their graduation, inspire them choosing to become engineers working to solve waste management, gas emission, and deforestation related problems.  

Numerous apps have been created to promote thinking and develop math skills. However, will the knowledge of addition and subtraction or the ability to find an exit in an escape room make you a better mathematician or a better person? Problems offered in this book are more intellectual, they encourage discussion. My aim is to help students get ready for their exams as well as become more socially conscious individuals with respect for science.  

Silconium – a vision of the future. The first book – The Case of a Fluttering Butterfly – has already been written. However, I am not going to stop here. There are plans of a trilogy in the series intended for high-school and college students as well as people interested in math. I also intend to develop a task database so that every teacher or student could find tests or tasks for individual work on a selected topic. I intensely work on the level of achievement test that would enable assessment of a person’s rationality, logic, and ability to apply knowledge in practice. I have intentions to use my almost 10-year teaching experience in developing teaching aids for younger students, but today my focus is on those about to graduate from school or college. I wish to direct them towards the creation of a better world, one without violence and abuse; I want them to follow the path leading to the application of their best qualities.

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