My name is Nerijus Simanavičius, I am a private math teacher. I hold a BA in applied physics (Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania) and an MA in engineering economics (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania), however, I’ve been working as a private math teacher for almost ten years now. I encourage students and young adults to view this science field from a different angle – with enthusiasm and respect; my aim is to show the practical side of math. Through my extensive experience in the field I accumulated knowledge and understanding of what students need in order to achieve their goals in learning.  I myself constantly update and improve my knowledge, so that I am able to offer my students up-to-date information and teaching methods.
The charm of the scientific world in my life competes with literature, therefore my first book Silconium. The Case of a Fluttering Butterfly is an attempt to twin the two seemingly different spheres.
I love writing and informing the public of the topics that are interesting to me, that is why my wife and I write a travel blog We travel a lot and travelling helps us rediscover ourselves. Thus we develop our creative sides which may have a positive stimulus for those who read our features.
I am an ambitious goal-oriented person who aims at exhibiting the true values which in the long run are often left aside in our everyday life.