HAIKU – the problem of deer dying

Real life applications of Math – the main purpose of the tasks. Homework, classwork or exams must be fun and also improving mathematics education. Cool math game combinated with Earth problems and social responses thinking is another goal of the tasks.

Haiku is a style of prosaic poetry. The traditional haiku pattern usually has 17 syllables (5, 7, 5 syllables in three lines). I modified this style a bit and added math, logic, information technology. So for me, Haiku, this is encoded information – a kind of math problem whose answer is number. Initially, add some descriptions to help you solve it. However, as with the tasks in the “planet problems” section, haiku has its own message that I want everyone to take on their own.

In this Haiku you will need knowledge of the land of the rising sun. Insights into what’s hidden in the queues and the ability to quickly find information on the Internet by the provided hint.